12 Things You Didn’t Know About Airstream Trailers (They Weren’t Always Silver!)

He later reconsidered and opted instead for the now famous silver. Presidents and their families have spent time in them. Early Airstream models were DIY, and made out of wood Original models of the Airstream were built of Masonite, a type of hardboard made of pressed-wood fibers. Not only that, but they were sold as wood-and-canvas kits, with model names like Model 2 and Silver Cloud, in the back of magazines. Today, trailers come with all the comforts of home, including a wet bath. There was a square Airstream The famous cruiser has a lot of nicknames, including Silver Bullet and Toaster-on-Wheels, most of which tip their hats to its seminal shape. They have a huge celebrity following Matthew McConaughey may be the most outspoken about his love for the Airstream living in one for years before buying a house , but other celebrities have enjoyed a good ride or two as well. Louis airplane, was the first to use that streamlined shape on an RV. Applying his background in airplane design, he created a silver trailer called the Bowlus Road Chief.

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Airstream Trailers (They Weren’t Always Silver!)

Some products transcend their milieu to become icons. In the world of recreational vehicles, Airstream is the icon. A division of Thor Industries since , Airstream produces a lineup of six travel trailers and two touring coaches. Yeah, since RVs are a big-ticket discretionary purchase industry. It got hammered and we were no exception. Significant recovery in

Apr 11,  · If you’re new, Subscribe! → Reba McEntire bought and Airstream trailer and Ronnie Dunn offered to restore it. The fa.

While souped-up, tricked-out Airstream accommodations are nothing new just take a look around Airbnb , Santa Barbara Autocamp wins big in the authenticity department as it doesn’t attempt to erase the past — it both celebrates and coexists with it. Hot showers all around! No overcrowded communal bathhouses or bathing in a creek here Plush goes to the woods: The interior of a Autocamp Russian River Airstream suite. No matter how or where you decide to hunker down for the night, this is a beautiful part of the country with a lot to do when it comes time to frolic in the great outdoors.

It’s worth noting that while not integrated into an active RV park like Autocamp Santa Barbara, the 2-acre property where Autocamp Russian River is located was indeed previously a real-deal RV park named Spooner’s Resort. According to Sonoma West News , the unsavory “RV slum” had fallen into “squalid conditions” and was closed over two years ago.

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So beginning on Friday, interesting boxes have been arriving at our doorstop. Many more are due this coming week. The first package contained a new cabin air filter for the GL

I knew exactly what I was getting into with this Safari 22′ single-axle Airstream (with a scale weight of 3,#). Here’s what she looked like in the beginning.

Constructed in the middle of lavender fields and the Grignan forest, it blends charm and elegance. Here you will find a haven of peace, relaxation and calm with all necessary comforts in refined surroundings. Enjoy delicious, freshly prepared food on one of the Terraces, accompanied by the relaxing rippling of the fountain and the chirping of the cicadas. Their Silver Bullet can now be booked on request for Euro per night including breakfast for 2 persons as well as pool and spa use.

The great news for Airstream owners is: The site offer enough space for Airstreams on the grounds of the property. These can be parked directly with a view over the lavender fields. Fresh water and electricity are available directly at the pitch. A disposal facility is located at a short distance from the pitches.

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Mar 15,  · Life In A Silver Airstream As with my previous post, I am still in love with these silver trailers. My camping trip with the silver sister’ s has come to an end, but it was a trip I will never forget.

And yet despite the soggy weather, the getaway made us pretty fond of the little Basecamp. The company says that many mid-size SUVs are big enough to pull it, even some Subarus. With temperatures forecast in the 40s on the Front Range, we scrapped our plans to go to the high mountains around Steamboat Springs, where we figured it would surely be cold and snowy. Once we found a site, we whipped the Basecamp into position, got soaked levelling and stabilizing it, then scurried inside where we cranked the heat and settled in to some work and a good book.

This would be the cozy weekend writing retreat. Second, the Basecamp is far more spacious than we imagined it would be. Even on a weekend when we barely went outside, the seating area felt ample and, thanks to the layout, the kitchen was almost more spacious than ours in Artemis. Third, and most important, even though Artemis is only three years old, the upgrade in technologies on the Basecamp is impressive.

Though we never got to test it because the sun never came out , the built-in, watt solar system that trickles straight to the battery is an awesome upgrade. That might not sound like a big deal, but the appliances on Artemis are so loud that we sometimes forgo heat and cooling and generally turn off the fridge at night in order to enjoy the birdsong and crickets. The sandy, decomposed granite soils at Buffalo Creek are incredible at draining, and, despite the days of rain, there was virtually no mud.

Best of all, the weather had driven most of the tent campers home and I had the trails to myself, which I understand is a rare treat these days in the Front Range.

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Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Outdoorsy travelers, you now can have your hike and shower, too: Quirky travelers, these hotel types will also make an incredible post-trip story. Imagine falling asleep with a perfect starry night view, be it from the boughs of a tree, a skylight of a yurt, or through the windshield of an airstream trailer. The next morning, your wake-up call will come in the form of squirrels rustling in the nearby branches, or a close-by ocean breeze caressing your brow.

When I travel, I love to visit places that are great for hiking and other outdoorsy pursuits. Fresh air, good exercise, and beautiful sights make for an ideal day, in my opinion, wherever the particular trail may be.

To make things even more complicated, there are over unique Airstream floor plans dating back to the first model built back in ! The good news is, we’ve found that many of the models share the same mattress designs.

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The Airstream That Could

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Even If you’ve never camped in one, you’ve likely noticed the eye-catching “silver bullets” on the road or in your favorite campgrounds. Find out why camping enthusiasts and owners of TheLongLongHoneymoon video blog Sean and Kristy Michael enjoy traveling the highway and camping out in their Airstream travel trailer. What factors influenced you to choose an Airstream camper? Although we like all sorts of RVs, Airstream campers are a little different.

Not only do they look different thanks to the aluminum exterior , but the company has been around for almost 80 years. There’s a lot of history there. Airstream is sort of like the Harley-Davidson of the RV world, so there’s a huge community of die hard enthusiasts. We wanted to be a part of it. Seriously, though, we loved the retro feel of the Airstream.

Where to Find Used Airstream Trailers

Motor home and trailer repair. We offer a mobile RV service. For fast and professional service call the RV Experts. We have the best rv awnings. We are your shade professionals. If you want a reliable competent RV technician working on your RV then you have came to the right place.

In the s, Airstream trailers were the pinnacle of luxurious travel: roomy, comfortable and futuristic, resembling nothing more than a Jetsons-like flying vehicle ready to take to the skies.

Again, these are the price ranges for a used model, and the price range will be dependent upon the condition, seller and features added. Airstream overview Created from a heavy aluminum, most Airstream trailers are going to be 22 to 31 feet long. Depending on the model, the average weights can be between 4, and 8, pounds. Because the Airstream is made from aluminum, 99 percent of the trailers on the road will be silver. What are the extra costs? Over time, repairs will be required. One common repair, according to many owners, is when the clear coat that is painted over the aluminum starts to peel.

Airstream’s new $100K trailer is a Twinkie-shaped VIP lounge on wheels

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Meiko Takechi Arquillos; Airstream Nest courtesy of Airstream; Postproduction by Wet Noodles Airstream founder Wally Byam began experimenting with fiberglass back in the s.

Model 27BHS features a set of double size bed bunks, one large slide, dual entry, and a rear corner bath layout, plus so much more! As you enter this unit notice the front queen size bed to your right with dual bedside wardrobes and nightstands for your things. There is an overhead shelf for more items. Off the foot of the bed you have the living area entertainment center and storage with a privacy curtain that can be pulled along the road side.

To the left of the entry door is your kitchen area where you will find a double sink, a three burner range with overhead microwave oven, plus a refrigerator and pantry for your food storage needs. Opposite the door side enjoy each meal seated at the u-shaped dinette or jackknife sofa featured within the road side slide out. Both of these can easily be transformed into added sleeping space if needed at night.

In the rear right corner you have sleeping space for four adults or children with a set of double size bed bunks that include radius inside corners and a ladder for easy access.

St. Lucia Performs “Elevate” on Fender Airstream