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After all, I told him we would start with the irrelevant questions. Their self-titled debut was released earlier this month via Dualtone and has already made a dent on the Billboard Charts. Schultz and I chatted recently to discuss everything from lemon drop shots to the best gas stations. And when I reminded him that the album had recently landed at 43, he responded with a genuine sense of unassuming nonchalance. The album, according to Schultz, was written over three years—with some songs coming out fully written in about three months, and others presenting more songwriting and recording challenges. When we took a moment to talk in more detail about the songwriting process, Schultz was able to communicate some of the finer nuances of a process that many fans find mysterious, and many artists struggle to describe: Generally speaking it involves a piano, a guitar, and maybe singing, and we usually start out with the chord structure, a set of chords, a melody especially, and then the lyrics usually follow.

The Lumineers

So, a little bit about me! I call Sunnyvale, TX home. I have always loved music. My Grandma signed me up for my first guitar lesson when I was 11, but I got really bored just learning to play for myself, so I asked my parents to sign me up for a local rock school. I knew it was for me. I played tons of gigs, from small clubs to sporting events in huge arenas, and I loved every minute of performing with the School of Rock in Frisco, TX.

Music 11 Things You Should Know About The Lumineers. The band is nominated for two Grammys and has a gold album under their belt, so you best get familiar.

History[ edit ] — Early years[ edit ] When Schultz and Fraites originally began to collaborate, writing together and playing gigs around New York City , they did so under various names including Free Beer, 6Cheek, and Wesley Jeremiah. It wasn’t serious at first. We were a crappy band doing terrible covers. But we slowly started getting away from covers and writing originals. We were doing everything: There was no focus; it was a mad, random mess. So I decided to do something about it.

The Lumineers[ edit ] In , after the band’s relocation to Denver, Fraites and Schultz met the classically trained cellist, Neyla Pekarek.

Debby Ryan

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I never thought more than a handful of people would read it, but I had things I wanted to say that were withering in the silence of my kitchen. And so I decided to write. The parts of life that were withering ten years ago are growing in golden and full. The lyrics throughout this post are from his perfect song of homecoming, which has become my anthem in this season. I realized that this has been a sweet season for me of coming somewhat unexpectedly to a home within myself.

I know Josh has been through similarly rough seas in the last few years, and this record is one where we both sing along to the idea of seeing land, of finding home.

Inside The Mix: The Lumineers with Ryan Hewitt

Thu Aug 26, 8: The band right now has been on a months leave due to an injury to our drummer. The dating issue goes like this The girl in this situation was married when she joined the band. It was a rocky situation that lead to divorce which the guy didn’t even fight just let it happen.

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Share this article Share With formalities out the way the foot-stomping there was a lot of it folk rock voyage continued. Schultz had the crowd eating out of his hands from the off, getting the tough top-tier on their feet early on, ho-ing while the rest were hey-ing and clapping along as Schultz and co wove their way through the playlist, peppering familiar tracks from eponymous debut album The Lumineers with the occasional boxfresh tune shared raw ‘this is a new song, we haven’t named it yet , Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues ‘Bob Dylan wrote this I said, Bob Dylan wrote this!

The size of the Brixton O2 Academy did nothing to temper the raw quality of Schultz’s voice The size of the venue did nothing to temper the rough-round-the edges, cracked quality of the tunes, nor dampen The Lumineers’ spirit of engaging the audience. And despite playing to a sold-out theatre none of the emotion of the album – some of which, as rootsy as it gets, was recorded at home in the band’s living room and kitchen – was lost in translation.

The first half of Slow It Down was played stripped back, Schultz on stage alone, before the rest – fellow writer and percussionist Jeremiah Fraites, cellist Neyla Pekare, pianist and multi-talented percussionist Stelth Ulvang and Ben Wahamaki on bass joined in for a double-time crescendo. Classy Girls, Flapper Girl and Big Parade took things up tempo – seeing Ulvang leap barefoot around the stage like a manic musical imp, shaking maracas, booting his piano stool off the podium and tinkling the ivories with his toes.

If he wasn’t playing the accordion and piano at once and with his toes , Stelth Ulvang was leaping round the stage barefoot shaking a maraca or tinkling away on a xylophone Soulful renditions of Charlie Boy and Morning Song provided the comedown. You had to admire the punchy move they pulled off at the end when, saying the venue was built with acoustics in mind, they ditched their mics and backing tracks to stand on the edge of the stage for an acoustic track, Darling.

Debby Ryan

About As the phenomena of instant connection and the need for constant self-improvement further implant their tendrils into our culture, the ability to truly connect with each other and ourselves has begun to fade. As we all reach for our smartphones to gaze upon the manufactured perfection of the lives of those we admire, we lose sight of what makes our own lives important.

He urges the world to see through the idea that by following that path and focusing only on fitting the mold, one will have lived a good life. Langhorne Slim is no stranger to the world of popular culture and commercial success.

The Lumineers walk that line with an unerring gift for timeless melodies and soul-stirring lyrics. It will all be on display soon, on the band’s first full-length album, due in March. Born out of sorrow, powered by passion, ripened by hard work, The Lumineers have found their sound when the world needs it most.

Perhaps even more remarkable is that the edition of Sunnyboys featuring all original members have existed longer than the bright-eyed young men who burned so brightly back in the eighties but also burned-out so fast. The time around without the pressure of recording schedules and the demand for chart hits and with a mutual love and respect for the music they made, Sunnyboys can just do what they do best; play live.

The band will be performing material from across their entire catalogue including their three albums for Mushroom, the infamous debut ep on the Phantom label and even the odd b-side or rarity. For the Sunnyboys, every show is a celebration. But wow, we have and we sure are having a bloody great time doing it. The shows this time around have all been good fun and the fan reactions incredible, so while ever that lasts the band will.

Watching the Sunnyboys perform felt like they were making up for lost years that should have been on stage. Graciously happy to be there and genuinely thrilled by the audience participation.

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Niall Niall took you to Starbucks, where you each got some coffee, and took your seats in a booth. Liam “What did you want to talk about? When are you getting married again? Liam, I realize you don’t like Ben all that much, but I love him, and I trust him.

The Lumineers Interview