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Identifying Antique Wood Planes

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How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

What I want to know is how to identify different hand planes to know what I have and if they have any special uses. Much like grfrazee discusses in his answer I’m afraid there isn’t a good comprehensive site for all of these, so you’ll have to do some research on your own for some of the lesser-known makers. So that way if you see a plane you can get an idea of its purpose and know whether or not you need it in your collection.

Again, this list is not meant to be extensive as there are many other types and some specialty types. The webpage Patrick’s Blood and Gore covers them more then we ever could in this format. Block These planes are smaller in size Not to be confused with finger planes which are even smaller and many can be worked with one hand.

WoodRiver Block Planes: Styled after the Stanley #19 regular angle and #65 low angle, with Knuckle-joint Lever Caps. Thick 1/8″ / mm A-2 Irons, precise machining and good “feel” – these may be the best value Block Plane on the market today.

Flexible sole; early types have a side wheel cutter adjustment Manufactured1: Japanned, nickel plated trimmings User Info1: For planing concave and convex surfaces as in circular frames and in serpentine drawer fronts. The flexible sole adjusts by turing the large front knob. The adjustment linkage in the has a tendency to strip out and the arms holding the sole are thin strips of steel and did not hold up under heavy use.

The rear handle also had a tendency to break if under heavy strain or if dropped. Some users perfer the over the 20 due to the fact that it would give or flex a little on the rear half of the sole and is more suitable for working radii that are not perfectly symmertrical. The cutter has a special two-piece screw to join it with the cap iron. This special screw fits into a cutter adjustment with two apertures. The cutter adjustment wheel on the side of the plane is solid and has a japanned finish.

The two small pieces of steel that are hinged and riveted to the front and back of the flexbile sole are pointed toward the center of the plane resembling the shape of a shield. Type 2 – to Front knob identical to Type 1 except part of the decorative “maze” design is removed from the center of the knob. Cutter screws are now standard; cutter markings are the same as Type 1.

How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

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Stanley Spokeshave – Wranglerstar. A spoke shave is the perfect little tool for making tool handles, table legs, wheel spokes, etc. For a spoke shave to work properly it needs to be sharp.

Handles were made of beautiful woods such as Brazilian rosewood, chosen for its durability, and the metal surfaces were often highly detailed. This combination means that many of the tools still around today have held up well and can be in demand. The description of each tool includes a grade of its condition and any flaws that are apparent.

Their stock changes frequently and contains bevels and planes. Patented Antiques Patented-Antiques sells many types of antique tools, including those by Stanley. They are conservative in their condition estimates and list new items frequently. They separate their tools by category, not by manufacturer, so you may have to dig to find those by Stanley. Some tools carried include a mint condition level sight and several varieties of planes.

While some antique Stanley tools are valuable, the vast majority of them are not. If you plan to begin a collection it is a good idea to get a current price guide. Generally, the earliest Stanley tools are more valuable than later models. Most tools that you will commonly find are going to be worth about 50 to 70 percent of the current retail price of the product. Stanley Adjustable Concave Circular Plane There are certain tools that are very old, very rare and very desirable.

These are often difficult to identify.

New Knobs for Your Old Stanleys

Believe it or not, there is a way to make sense of all the different sizes and configurations of bench planes out there and to select the few that you need in your shop. Three Jobs for Three Planes You can tell a lot about what a plane is supposed to do by the length of its sole. The primary job of the smoothing plane is to prepare the wood for finishing. It is typically the last plane to touch the wood. The traditional but by no means only job of the fore plane is to remove material quickly.

That plane’s original tote looked like someone had dragged it behind a truck with a bulldog attached to it (weird teeth marks and blood stains included). And it was a maple replacement, the plane still had its original (or at least original-looking) front knob in rosewood.

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Antique Jewelers Work Bench or Cabinet For many of these collectors coming across an antique wood plane during one of their treasure hunts is exhilarating. Their minds fill with excitement as they wonder if the tool is a rare Stanley woodworking tool such as a Stanley No. If the plane is priced in the collector’s budget, the excited collector takes his special find home to research it and identify the antique tool’s rarity and value. There are a vast number of antique wood planes in existence often causing confusion surrounding their identification.

Often makers’ marks, company names or other identifying characteristics have worn away with time and use. Resources for Identifying Antique Wood Planes Excellent resources exist both on and off line to help tool collectors with antique plane identification.

Hi up for auction here is a vintage Stanley No 5 1/2 plane in a good used condition,has rust pitting,the rear handle has been glued back together at a joinery workshop at the building firm where I wor Stanley No 5 1/2 Wide bodied Jack plane, Beech handles, Clean and sharp. £

The following history is excerpted from a Tool Talks publication by Stanley Tool: The manufacture of “Bailey” Planes by Stanley marked a turning point in the Company’s history. Stanley’s dominant position was recognized by carpenters and mechanics everywhere who turned over their problems and suggestions to the Company. This created a demand for specialized tools to perform certain jobs better than they could be done with regular size or style tools.

Stanley responded by increasing its line to still greater proportions to include many more hand tools that helped craftsmen do better work. A search of the U. In the George E. Wood Company, of Plantsville, Conn. The business was enlarged under Stanley leadership and Stanley “Hurwood” Screw Drivers became the biggest selling quality drivers in the world. Two other companies were purchased in and The products of these companies, Atha Tool Co.


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The Stanley The Universal Plane: The Stanley Universal plane was introduced in and stayed in production until It was named the Universal plane as it was designed not only to do the symmetrical cuts of the Stanley 45 but also all the asymmetrical cuts of other complex moulding planes.

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Guide to Collecting Antique Hand Tools

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BBASIC PLANE BLADE SHARPENINGASIC PLANE BLADE SHARPENING We get a lot of questions about sharpening. Woodworkers have strong, often confl icting, opinions about the right way to sharpen.

Which plane—Bevel-up First or Bevel-down? Paul, As I said, I have been reading all your entries and am through September and also read all your entries about buying good inexpensive tools, the 20 part series. I am a fairly new woodworker and am gathering all the tools that I need non power. I bought a used 4 Stanley Bailey and like it a lot. I am confused if I should buy more bevel down planes or go with low angle bevel up planes.

There must be some trade-offs that they are not mentioning? Also, if this is true, in a few years I will not be a new woodworker and may regret buying bevel ups if bevel down is the better for more experienced woodworkers. A frequent massaged message I see is that suddenly we see these plane irons being touted as best sharpened at degrees and not the usual degrees.

This effectively gives the combined lower angle of degrees as apposed to the degrees of a conventional bevel-down bench plane. This is a stretch massage of information to reinforce claims the different angle is considerably lower than conventional planes. Most of us sharpen at degrees because edge retention is so markedly increased at degrees and the plane stays usable for much longer and these planes are really no different.

A bevel-down bench plane is infinitely more diversely useful than any and all bevel-up planes touted as the new bench plane of the age. They will do work that cannot be done with a bevel-up plane and are always the go-to plane for me and also for my students on both sides of the pond. Bevel-up bench-type planes cannot and will never replace the infinite versatility of a 4 Bailey-pattern bench plane and a Bailey-pattern 4 bench smoothing plane is the very best and simplest of all bench planes for any new woodworker.

Antique Stanley Tools

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My go-to source for Stanley hand plane information is Patrick Leach’s Blood & Gore webpage. Don’t let the name put you off – he has a plethora of information about all types of Stanley-made tools. Don’t let the name put you off – he has a plethora of information about all types of Stanley-made tools.

This gouge has a hand-forged look to it and no maker’s mark. The handle is beautiful. The blade is clean and sharp. This tang gouge was made by Marples in Sheffield. It’s clean and perfectly usable. There is no pitting on the blade and the handle has no damage.

Stanley Plane Collectors Checklist and Value Guide